1. Ms. Hannigan is Annie's mom
    I mean HELLO?? Wouldn't that explain her self loathing (she can't care for her daughter as well as she wants to) and her resistance to giving her away to Mr. Warbucks? Please consider this. And please don't ever let them make a sequel.
  2. My dog is a human dressed in fur
    I have been saying this for a while, but it was recently confirmed when a guest at Thanksgiving dinner (a huge dog person, might I add) said the very same thing, completely unprompted!!
  3. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are 3 people
    I'm sure other people have thought this one before, it's just too obvious
  4. Charley and Linda had an affair (Death of a Salesman)
    I haven't finished gathering evidence for this one yet, but I did propose it to someone in my lit class and they said "hmm" so I'm taking it as a YES!