Obvi still in development. I'm still young and have so many more sounds to hear!
  1. The sound of wind whipping in a video
  2. Norah Jones playing in the kitchen when my mom is making a nice, big dinner
  3. My dog barking in her sleep
  4. Anyone laughing really really hard
  5. That part from Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros that is just the girl singing
  6. The American Idol sound when they return from commercial break
    This used to be the only TV show I could watch, plus I snuck out of the room I shared with my younger sister to watch it, so it was a really important part of my childhood and even a decade later that sound still makes my stomach flutter
  7. Fire crackling
  8. When a hush falls over a crowd (the bigger the better)
  9. Ocean waves
  10. My dog snorting/sneezing
  11. Walking down a hallway wearing shoes with heels
    Mmm nothing like that click clack sound to make you feel powerful
  12. Really any sound my dog makes
  13. People shouting w joy when they reunite/sports team wins/they win lottery (I've never heard the 3rd one but I can imagine)