Season 2 Episode 25, An Egg Up
  1. What about a reduction?
  2. Uh uh hunny your biggest mistake
  3. Fuck fuck fuck. I'm stressed, I'm stressed for all of you
  4. One of them only put a minuscule amount of halibut like I don't even like fish that much. Only raw fish. Sushi.
  5. What is that? (Imitates gesticulation)
  6. Yeet
  7. She's gone. Wow way to eliminate the only female competitor on the show!
  8. *imitates air quotation marks* finger buddies
  9. He's a good chef. He's winning the whole thing it's over pack it up.
  10. Why are they always flirting?! It's like "haha can I impregnate you"
  11. Groans
  12. How much time is left? Ah okay I can afford this
  13. What was that weird round of applause? Slow clap?
  14. I'm so on to you, I see you writing things down as soon as we start talking