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  1. Listen to crappy music (this one isn't a want but rather something you are subjected to)
  2. All of your apps immediately seem lame but play a few games
  3. Attempt to read, be distracted by people passing by. Read the same sentence six times and then give up
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Need help getting into the spirit?
  1. season 1-The one where Underdog gets away (first one that Monica cooks because her parents are going on a trip)
  2. season 2-no thanksgiving episode! (The best you can get is the "mocklate" episode)
  3. season 3-the one with all of the Football (Rachel gets picked last)
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  1. Bacon is good with anything
  2. The breakfast sandwich! A combination of bread and whatever you want to shove in there. My personal favorite: cinnamon raisin bagel with egg and bacon. No cheese. Mmmmmmmmmmmm
  3. It is a huge mess to make. Pancake batter on the floor, egg shells on the counter, pretty sure I have syrup in my hair somehow. Whisks, bowls, measuring cups, bacon grease, spatula, cookie sheets, skillet, you must wipe down every counter, nook and cranny
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  1. That he loves Terrance and Philip
  2. That he talks funny
  3. His head might be flappy but his beard hides it
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  1. Watch horrible tv
  2. Drink a cup of tea
  3. Don't have to share your breakfast
  4. Enjoy the quiet