Need help getting into the spirit?
  1. season 1-The one where Underdog gets away (first one that Monica cooks because her parents are going on a trip)
  2. season 2-no thanksgiving episode! (The best you can get is the "mocklate" episode)
  3. season 3-the one with all of the Football (Rachel gets picked last)
  4. season 4-the one with Chandler in a box (he knows what he did)
  5. season 5-the one with the Thanksgiving flashbacks (Miami vice!)
  6. season 6-the one where Ross got high (and blamed it on Chandler)
  7. season 7-the one where Chandler doesn't like dogs (or does he?)
  8. season 8-the one with the rumor (I hate Rachel club)
  9. season 9-the one with Rachel's other sister (Christina Applegate!)
  10. season 10-the one with the late Thanksgiving (everyone is late!)