Flying from hell to paradise.
  1. Read "Fates and Furies" by Lauren Groff
    Fucking amazing book. 2 sides of a fucked up love story... Some of the lines in this book I've re-read a hundred times. Genius.
  2. Ate an entire tub of Trader Joe's eggplant hummus and an entire cucumber.
    This hummus is my JAM it is so freakin good and doesn't have as many calories as regular hummus (don't you dare judge me I've lived in LA for over 2 years, yes I pretend to count my calories- shut up)
  3. Watched "The Hateful 8"
    IM STILL MAD THIS DIDNT WIN ALL OF THE OSCARS. IT IS A GENIUS PIECE OF FILM. Also- if you're planning on watching on the plane- note that they did not edit-out a single part of this film... (dicks aplenty)
  4. Ate a "think thin salted caramel bar"
    Only 150 caloroooos (oh my god, LA what have you done to me?)
  5. Drank a really shitty coffee
    Very gross.
  6. Tried to figure out if I have arthritis in my pointer finger
    My finger hurts. It's either tendinitis, arthritis, or a tumor and I'm dying.
  7. Thought about kissing my dog
    Millie is waiting for me in NY. She doesn't know I'm coming. It's a surprise. 🐶
  8. Looked at Kansas from above and thought:
    I wonder what it would be like to live on a farm. One day I wanna live on a farm. Be a farm girl from the city. Farm lyfe 4 lyfe
  9. Went to the bathroom
    Always an adventure.
  10. Helped the couple next to me pay for their snackz
    They didn't know how to work the new fandangled gadget system that is a credit card slider in the TV.
  11. Pondered life choices
    Turbulence makes ya do that.
  12. Landed at JFK as the sun was setting
    The water treatment centers of Long Island glistening in the light of dusk.