I use to think I was a cold-hearted bitch...but then I realized I cry for different things.
  1. When Lousie and Bob had that tear-jerking bonding episode in "Hawk and Chick"
  2. When my roommates told me I'd be a good mom
    I don't think "motherly type" is the first thing people say about me but I REALLY APPRECIATED it when they said I would be the most loving mom ever and that I would have a no-tolerance household.
  3. When @thekacie offered to drive me to Panera
    She has car and she offered to use it to get us food. *nearly explodes with emotion*
  4. When I was sitting in the dinning hall and there was just good sandwiches and pasta and I heard a table of people speak Spanish
    I go to college with a majority of white kids and sometimes the dinning hall is not good. so good food + spanish speakers = crying mess in a public dinning hall.
  5. Last night when I watched Hocus Pocus and Binx the cat was reunited with his sister
    I really teared up when McGee told the Max guy to appreciate his sister and I was all like YASSS MCGEE
  6. When one of my roommates offered me a Keebler Pumpkin Spice cookie
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    *tears up with joy*
  7. When they finally have cups of berries at my local coffee shop
    In college, it's hard to get good food. So when I see a line of berries in a cup on the shelf, it makes my day. *sobs about all the good antioxidants I'm going to get*
  8. When I watched the last Harry Potter movie
  9. When guys get uncomfortable with anything that would make them seem less "manly" or needing the "male" version of a product
    Why is your masculinity so fragile???
  10. When I listen to the Howl's Moving Castle or My Neighbor Totoro soundtracks
    *rivers of tears stream down my face as childhood memories return*
  11. When I listen to Elle and Emmett sing "Legally Blonde" in Legally Blonde the Musical
    Imma let you all know now that that is my second favorite musical OF ALL TIME. The first is Cats.
  12. Whenever Nicki Minaj tells me to be independent and get my education
    "Don't you ever depend a man for a DAMN THING" *sobs* Imma make you proud Nicki!!
  13. When Abileen leaves at the end of The Help
    That was the only book that has ever made me cry
  14. When @thekacie takes really good selfies with me.
    Damn, I look so good???!!!???
  15. Going to Disney World
    Because every time I go with my family it just brings good vibes and love for my family.
  16. Going to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios
    Because when I went there I was home.
  17. In RENT, Collins sings "I'll Cover You" when Angel dies
  18. The Selena Movie with J-Lo
    Selena was a beautiful angel and her kindness and love for her family and fans just makes me cry