When You Work the Front Desk of a College Library

You see some scary things...
  1. Like boredom.
  2. Why do I chose the earliest shifts?? On the WEEKENDS
  3. Holy crap I wanna leave.
  4. Lady, I am not the librarian, I'm sorry I can't help you with your very specific request.
    Please don't get mad
  5. What do you mean I can't eat while I'm at the desk??
    Just let me eat my strawberry greek yogurt!!!!
  6. Why are you calling the front desk? Why must you put me in a situation in which I have to talk through the phone??
    I don't even order pizza on the phone. Have you never heard of email? You are better helped by the right person if you just send them an email.
  7. People talk on their phones. IN THE LIBRARY.
    Excuse me jerk, this is a library in which students come to do last minute cramming. You talking on your phone in the library disrupts their thinking process. GO OUTSIDE AND TALK.
  8. The funniest things I see is students who have all their studying materials out but are clearly not studying.
    Haha, what losers, hahaha.... Oh wait. That's me.
  9. I have to pee.
  10. Dad, no, don't call me, I'm working.
  11. Haha "working"
  12. I am peeing. And reading about strep throat on the back of the bathroom stall door.
  13. *helps one person check out books and answers questions in a professional, secretary-like manner*
    Why yes, this book was due 3 months ago but I'm sure we can do something to clear the fines. I gotchu bro.
  14. Maybe I should get some work done.
  15. OH SHIT look at me!! Kicking this math homework's BUTT
  16. I'm getting so much done, fuck yeah. I'm so glad I came, making that bank and gettin ahead of my education...wait, what time is it???
  17. It's 1pm!!!!! BYE BITCHES IM OUT!!!!
  18. Deuces✌🏽️✌🏽✌🏽