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Disclaimer: these quotes do not inherently heal, they're just about healing 😅 I had a friend recently travel around the world for a year, studying indigenous healing practices. He gave a presentation about his experiences and there were a few quotes that I identified with and wanted to save. Here goes:
  1. Sometimes you have to understand what people are healing from to understand their healing processes and how they heal.
    Never thought about it in this way, but it's true
  2. It's not about being balanced; it's about being centered.
    I think this is a much better way of viewing work-life balance or whatever we're trying to balance in our lives. It's exhausting trying to divvy up time equally among all the different parts of our lives
  3. You don't heal people; you help people heal themselves.
    No one can provide all of the answers for you. While other people can help you, ultimately your journey is just that - your own
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  1. I still haven't gotten through my actual to-do lists 😓