Eating alone doesn't bother me, but other people do.
  1. The hostess asked if it was just one and I said yes. She continued working while I stood there.
  2. A minute later she asks how she can help me, so again I say just one for here.
  3. She grabs the menus and tries to walk off, but decides she wants to sit me at the table right at the front that has stuff all in it.
  4. She grabs the street chalkboard that was on the table and walks toward me like I'm supposed to help her move it.
  5. I finally get to sit.
  6. Surprise the hostess is now my waitress, but she has to disappear before she tells me this.
  7. She brings me a water, and then three minutes later tries to bring me another one.
  8. A woman is awkwardly sitting on a stool across from me waiting for her to-go order.
  9. The hostess/waitress is MIA so a couple is just awkwardly standing five feet away from me.
  10. The waitress got my order wrong...and all I ordered was a salad.
  11. She knew it was wrong, but still gave it to me.
  12. Most of the lettuce was those clusters that no one likes to find.
  13. I missed the part where they were going to put two mounds of blue cheese crumbs on the side.
  14. She messed up my ticket and tried to explain it.
  15. PTL I have a Reese's cup back in the office.