This weekend, my boyfriend and I finally (mostly) stuck to our plan of not eating out and actually cooking our meals
  1. Saturday morning he cooked conecuh sausage and scrambled eggs with cheese
  2. We then made sausage balls for the first time.
    Who knew it was so easy? (Answer: probably everyone)
  3. After we made spicy sausage balls, we got the idea that we should make more but with the maple flavor and take it to his friend's
  4. The friend had barbecued chicken, ribs and more sausage. We didn't make them, but we made our drinks: rum and lemonade
    Still counts
  5. This morning we ate more sausage balls and I made cheddar cheese biscuits
    I'm on that Red Lobster level
  6. We went shopping and grabbed sushi at the sushi is healthier and cheaper than some of the stuff we normally eat when we go out.
    It was literally like $9. Thanks, Kroger
  7. For dinner we had mini shepherds pies, made from a Pinterest/Pillsbury recipe
    It was our first time making it, and it was actually really good.
  8. Food coma at its finest 💤💤💤