And yet I still can't delete my page
  1. When someone posts seven versions of the same photo
    Choose one. I don't want the blooper reel.
  2. When someone posts 300+ photos from their wedding/vacation
    Yes, plz post all the combination photos imaginable. I don't think I see the one of your mom, with your dad's dad and the groom's aunt
  3. Online yard sales
    Can you create a private page to sell your boots and hoodies that you've worn once?
  4. Pyramid schemes
    I don't want to buy any of your stuff. Please create a separate page for your business.
  5. Bitter holiday/relationship/baby announcements
    Maybe you're not in a relationship/happy BC you bash people who have those things?
  6. Status updates that contains no punctuation and go on for roughly eight lines.
    When am I supposed to breathe?
  7. Lifestyle justifications
    You do you. I don't care.
  8. Asking permission for basic things
    You don't need the Facebook council to weigh in on whether or not you should eat Mexican or Chinese food tonight. Just get both.
  9. Open notes to children
    If your child doesn't have Facebook, then why are you writing a paragraph about them on a platform they can't see, and probably never will?