Each app has its own place in my heart
  1. Twitter - TV, Podcasts, occasional bad joke
    Interacting with TV show accounts ran by possible interns and telling podcast hosts how cool they are is what I've turned this app into
  2. Instagram - occasional travel, nostalgia, running progress
    I'm currently running a "Week #" MapMyRun screenshot entry every Monday until my half marathon, plus race photos. Otherwise, it's things I'm doing with my life that others might care about. Oh, and I do a "book of the month" entry each month
  3. Facebook - letting people know I'm alive
    I've cut down on a lot of posts here, but I'm always "liking" things or whatever. I'm really just here to check my "On this day" feature every morning
  4. Snapchat - friends letting me know they're alive
    I don't really send snaps anymore or watch stories. If you send me a snap, I will open it and I'll usually comment back telling you to bring me all the food you just sent a photo of
  5. List - relating to randoms
    Before I started working two jobs, I was constantly checking this app. People are so smart, creative and open here. Maybe one real life friend uses this app, otherwise I'm checking in with cool kids from around the world. I also do a monthly book list and update my 2016 miles list from January
  6. LinkedIn - Networking
    Checking constantly to see if people from companies I apply to are checking my profile. Plus, I found my recruiter this way #hireme2016
  7. Tumblr - running motivation
    My friend and I started to co-author a half marathon training blog, but she quit around week two (it's week 14 of the blog). Otherwise, I marvel at how people are running long distances under 10-minute miles.
  8. Fitbit - creating workweek challenges and checking my sleep hours
    Also, they have new badges to collect, so I'm signing up for those challenges constantly
  9. Fantasy - getting killed in my league
    I thought I would try Fantasy Football this year. My most recent game I lost by around 70 points. I'm a natural 💁🏻