1. Bossypants — Tina Fey
    I'm tempted to buy the audiobook and to re-read Yes, Please. This book was smart, and was funny throughout. It was an interesting look into her life and her career, making me YouTube various SNL clips. I might re-watch 30 Rock this summer, because Tina is queen.
  2. Imagine Me Gone — Adam Haslett
    Technically a May/June read. I read half of this on my flight back to Atlanta, but set it down to read Bossypants for a bit. I usually don't read this type of book (I'm more of a YA reader), so for me I needed to have marathon reading sessions. It's a story about three children and their mom dealing with the dad's suicide, which resulted from a battle with mental illness. It shows the kids transformed into adults, and how each of them had to deal with the "beast" that affected them.