Life's a beach

After 25 years on this planet, I finally went to Gulf Shores
  1. I've lived in Alabama my whole life
    Except this last year, but that's being corrected in a few months
  2. And everyone and their mother has made the eight-hour trek south
  3. Well, this weekend I finally made that trek
  4. On Friday, my boyfriend and I got there kind of late, but we made a stop at the beach
  5. Then, we went to Tacky Jack's for dinner and drinks
    He got the Tacky Shrimp served over Angel Hair Pasta and he's still talking about it. 🍤🍜 We also had grilled Alligator for an appetizer. 🐊
  6. Saturday morning we hit the beach again, and I stood in the Gulf for a solid 20 minutes letting the waves crash on me.
    Sorry I'm five years old. 🌊
  7. We grabbed breakfast at Kitty's Kafe and it was wonderful.
    Conecuh sausage quiche with hash brown casserole 😍 and mimosas 🍾
  8. Next, we hit Target and the Tanger Outlet
    Definitely check out this place. They let you taste all the flavors.
  9. And we had lunch at the Oyster House
    I got the Stuffed Shrimp Combo 👌🏼
  10. I also tried these bad boys
    Obviously, I was feeling hella brave
  11. We headed back to the beach, and I read Tina's book. 👑
    It's blurry bc my phone was in a plastic bag for protection
  12. Then, we headed to The Track
    Mini golf, go karts, and an arcade
  13. While at the arcade, we adopted a son
  14. Florida was next on the list, so we drove through Orange Beach, making a pit stop at Cosmo's
    I got a house salad with grilled shrimp to leave room for the drinks. Their drinks are pretty solid, especially the Porch Swing and whatever the second one I got that had Irish Whiskey
  15. They have a gift shop, and I captured this beaut
    Get it, guh
  16. We had heard a lot about Flora Bama, so we went
    It was a maze of a bar, with live music spread throughout the building. I ordered the Blue Chair Bay with cranberry and Sprite, and it came with cool color-changing cups that I kept.
  17. Also on the list, The Hangout
    This had a cruise party atmosphere. People were dancing to the YMCA and Cupid Shuffle. High school girls were dancing on tables and napkins were thrown into the air. We didn't stay long
  18. This morning we went back to the beach one last time, seeing a dolphin rise from the waters 🐬
    Benefit of going out there before 7:00 a.m.
  19. We headed back to Kitty's Kafe for more mimosas and good food
    My boyfriend got the Spinach Benedict, and I got the Purrrrfect Breakfast Combo. Oh, and more mimosas
  20. As we started our trek back from the beach, we though we would play the counting game with these billboards
    We got to 22 in the first 30 minutes, so we quit the game.
  21. And now we're back home
    With a little bit of sunburn and a lot of sand