1. The Word for Yes - Claire Needell
    This one was all right and kept my attention. It's about three sisters and their relationships with each other and friends. One finds herself in a bad situation, so the book focuses on how everyone reacts to it. It doesn't really tie things up as I would have liked, and the afterword feels more like a lecture. It serves an important purpose, but it's a lot to take in.
  2. What Alice Forgot - Lianne Moriarty
    Third book by this author this year. This one is different from her other two, and it was really great. I got a little obsessive and couldn't stop reading it. This woman lost 10 years of memory, meaning she didn't even know who her children were or why several of her relationships had unraveled. The epilogue was absolutely perfect and what I wished for. I'm looking forward to this movie.
  3. A Gathering of Old Men - Ernest J Gaines
    This is a wonderful and important read. It shows the impact of race relations in the South, and how poor they were even in the 1970s. A black man is accused of killing a white man, and an entire community of old men stand up for his innocence and to show their allegiance.