1. Lately, I feel like I need to do more to grow as a professional
    I have a bachelor's in journalism/public relations and a master's in technical communication
  2. Most things I've written in the last year or two have been extremely ehhh...technical?
    Grant proposals, letters of intent, grant reports, acknowledgment letters
  3. In October I started a How-To blog
    Which I enjoyed, but it still felt too formulaic. But that was really the plan for it, so I'm not complaining. Shameless plug: https://barelymakingitblog.wordpress.com/
  4. But now I want more
  5. So, I'm creating two additional blogs
    Good things come in threes? (Actually I have a super personal blog that I haven't updated in a long time. So technically four.) I think I'm a blog hoarder, but oh well.
  6. New blog 1: focus on travel
    I do that some here on this app, but I can tell more detailed stories on the blog 😁 http://skgehrs.tumblr.com There's nothing posted, because creating the website was enough work for now.
  7. New blog 2: 13.1 training
    My friend and I are going to write this together. I've never ran a half marathon before, but she has. We're going to take two days a week each, so the blog will be updated 4x a week. I've never co-authored a blog, so hopefully it goes well! http://runitthatway.tumblr.com Nothing here either. I just wanted to prove to myself and my friend that we can co-author on a site. We're still learning.
  8. Oh, and I attempt to write children's books on the side.
    Shopping around one story right now, but if anyone has tips on getting an agent, let your girl know. 😁
  9. Yay for creating happiness 🎉🎉🎉