I'm such a high-stress person, so I have to find ways to stay level headed or at least pretend
  1. Go for a quick walk
    Sometimes the office gets crazy, so when I can, I abandon my desk and walk for a little bit
  2. Exercise
    Running is a great way to pound out negativity. Combine with strength training, and usually my muscles aren't as tense. Just really sore.
  3. Write about it
    I might write a letter to a friend, write on my blog, or just scribble thoughts to myself to help me refocus on the positive
  4. Try a new recipe
    I've felt like I've been in self-destruct mode the last 24 hours, but I spent an hour or so making mini chicken pot pies this afternoon. I've felt a lot better since.
  5. Watch garbage TV
    It's not garbage to me, but everyone judges these shows. I can watch Teen Mom and the Kardashians, and just relax. I don't have to think about anything or follow some in-depth plot line.
  6. Go for a longer walk
    I'm getting better at starting or ending my day with a two-mile walk to clear out my head
  7. Paint my nails
  8. Start a sewing project
    I get lost in fabric and organizing for hours, forgetting everything else
  9. Organize/clean
    Same as previous
  10. Read a book
    Currently I'm reading Bossypants, and Tina Fey makes everything better