I've read a lot of articles lately about people quitting their jobs, and taking the huge leap into unemployment to find happiness.
  1. How did you know enough was enough at your current job?
    Was it a slow-growing decision, but one day the straw finally broke the camel's back?
  2. How did you tell your company you were leaving?
    "It's not you, it's this career"
  3. Did you feel guilty when your bosses were talking about the future and in your head you were thinking 🙃🙅🏻?
  4. How were you able to financially support yourself?
    Are you actually good at a savings account (I'm not)? Did you have help from anyone?
  5. If you had financial help from someone, did you ever feel guilty about it?
    Guilt runs my life
  6. If you were one of the people that traveled the world during this time period, how did you feel brave enough to make this decision?
    Traveling is the dream 🎒🌎
  7. When you were ready to enter the workforce again, did HR question your employment gap?
    What did you say to them?
  8. If you left your career because you hated your line of work, did you feel like your resume had locked you into that position you didn't like?
    I feel like my resume screams the career I don't want, but I can't really change it.
  9. If you started your own business, is it as stressful as the old job, but rewarding?
    I'm not sure I have the chops (yet) to run my own place...and I stress about the economy and the future.
  10. Where can one find some of that Space Jam sports drink to be brave enough to take that jump, too?