Potentials places to go//list edited 3.5.16 to detail last week's experience
  1. River Street
    This reminded me of being back home in Florence. Where I live now, I'm landlocked and I miss the peace of just chilling by the river.
  2. Tybee Island
    First time to the beach! We went early in the day, so not a lot of people. It was wonderful and I kept finding sand randomly for a week. The lighthouse was pretty.
  3. Ghost tour
    We didn't go on a ghost tour. Maybe next time. 👻
  4. Forsyth Park
    This is where my race started. It has a beautiful fountain and a good atmosphere. I ran my best race and I got beer at the end.
  5. City Market
    It was cool to explore this area. I want to eventually live in a town where I can walk basically everywhere.
  6. Leopold's
    I didn't get to go here either. I walked past it three times, but my group never wanted ice cream each time I saw it. Next time.
  7. The Paris Market
    This was an interesting store. They had a lot of random and cute merchandise.
  8. Measure: a fabric parlor
    This place was cute. I wish they would've had more cotton prints, but I did buy a pretty piece there. We also found a second fabric store that had a lot of cute options. I got two new pieces from there.
  9. Clary's cafe
    This was so wonderful. Plus, they gave me FIVE pieces of bacon with my breakfast. #saints
  10. Book lady book store
    This book store was so cool. They had so many different genres to explore. We found a second cute book store later in the day. My current town doesn't sell books. 🙄