Things I'm looking forward to in the next few weeks

Today has been dumb, so here are the things keeping me motivated
  1. Color Run with my oldest friend
    We did the Color Run in September, and I ended up breaking my elbow. I'm getting my revenge on the yellow zone, and I get to spend time with my friend.
  2. Dave Matthews Band Concert
    Same day as the Color Run, just in a totally different city.
  3. Washington
    I keep forgetting that next weekend I'm traveling to Washington to see a friend from grad school get married
  4. Best friend reunion
    My friend is driving across the country and is making a pitstop to see me. I haven't seen her since maybe October 2014
  5. Applying to another master's program
    Might as well get all the degrees
  6. My birthday
    I'll get to face the quarter-life crisis head on. Seriously, I'm taking the day off and chilling.
  7. Free food days at work
    There's one tomorrow, one for May/June birthdays, and one for my birthday from another office
  8. June 5K
    My other best friend is meeting me halfway between our cities to do a 5K. I need to train...
  9. Beach trip
    I've never been to the beach, unless we count Tybee Island in February
  10. Weekends with my boyfriend