Two weeks notice

  1. So, for a while now, I've been debating what I want to do with my life
    I know I got time, but for now I would like to be happy
  2. In November I applied to a PhD program.
    Just one, because I was hella poor at the time
  3. I was due to find out in April, but by March I was getting antsy
    And I started applying for jobs
  4. I eventually got my rejection letter and could focus on solely the job search
  5. The more time I spent at work, the more upset I became
    I burn out so easily, especially when doing something I don't enjoy
  6. On a personal level, most of my coworkers are fun and good people
    But I can't stay for them
  7. I've had a lot of disagreements with a certain coworker, and no matter how I try to explain my side of the situation, it's like he just doesn't understand
    Or doesn't want to
  8. I have two bosses, and one saw how miserable I was a few weeks ago
    So I told her my issues, but then somehow it turned into a huge conversation about that coworker and how I should give them a second chance 🙃🙃🙃🙃
  9. The following week I had my year-end eval with my other boss
    It was a lot of compliments and it went well, but again it turned into a large conversation about my coworker instead of me as a professional
  10. At both meetings I tried to explain that I didn't enjoy my job
    I even met with a separate director before and told him
  11. And they all basically showered me with compliments.
    Again, compliments are fun and all, but still
  12. So, I gave one boss this analogy "When I was younger, I worked at the movie theater. Just because I was good at selling popcorn, didn't mean I wanted to do it the rest of my life."
    I appreciate their compliments, but if I'm not happy then what's the point?
  13. I'm still trying to figure out my next move, and I'm sure something will eventually turn out
  14. I just don't want to waste years being upset and stressed, when I don't have to be
  15. When I talked to my mom about this, she fully supported me. She's been a single mom most of my life, and because she's had to support her kids, she's been stuck in the same job
    I couldn't imagine being unhappy for that long, but her sacrifice is a lesson. It also makes me extremely grateful for what she has done for me and my brothers.
  16. Today I went to my main boss, and gave him my letter.
    We chatted for a bit, and it went way better than I expected.
  17. I just have to tell my other boss when she gets back Monday, but the hard part is over.
    And now I can try to find what it is I should be doing.