it's not all about mr peanut okay
  1. Walnuts
    Honestly do NOT fight me on this, so so so underrated. They might go rancid in a day but when they are good they are good
  2. Pecans
    So versatile. Chocolate covered. Cinnamon. Caramel. Or in a pie. Can't go wrong.
  3. Almonds
    Almond milk is stupid but almonds aren't
  4. Cashews
    Anyone else eat a cashew and get the taste of fried rice or something?
  5. Peanuts
    ugh whatever CLICHE
  6. Hazelnuts
    Impossible to crack but okay-ish if preshelled
  7. Brazil nuts
    Honestly WTF, I used to love these when I was a kid but now that I'm old and have to shell them myself it is NOT WORTH IT. The meat of the nut gets destroyed in the process of cracking. Stop harvesting them and ruin a good batch of mixed nuts pls