1. The waiting room at the Advanced Wound and Burn Care Center.
  2. The DMV.
  3. In the dentist chair on root canal day.
  4. In the passenger seat when the driver is the type who faces you to talk and has a lot to say.
  5. At a railroad crossing with IBS.
  6. In the only available port-a-potty with a full bladder after waiting for ten minutes in line and the door that was closed the whole time finally opens and an obvious poor eater who was going number 2 emerges.
    This is very specific, I know.
  7. On the side of the highway when your RV breaks down on the way to Bonnaroo.
  8. At a children's movie on opening weekend.
  9. Watching your team lose while the bar tender is adorned in your opponents wearables.
    You still gotta tip, win or lose.
  10. At a Donald Trump "rally" while he's leading the polls.
  11. At a Donald Trump rally all other times.
  12. At a funeral.
  13. At a wedding for one of your employees who decided to invite the entire office to the reception.
  14. At the beach.
    The beach sucks. Admit it. Sand is awful. Salt water is awful. Beach goers are awful.
  15. Without protection when your night took an unexpected and fruitful turn.