My Ten Favorite Movies of All Time

The first five were simple. Like, without a doubt, no debate, my top five favorite movies of all time. The next five were trickier - so many movies I had to cut, and if you asked me tomorrow movies 6-10 might be different. But I can't keep this list in my drafts forever! (Note: "favorite" is different than "best.")
  1. 1.
    Singin' in the Rain
    This movie is delightful. It's funny, the songs are great, there is tap dancing, and I've seen it a hundred times and can't wait to see it a hundred more. I experienced it for the first time when I was ten and it was on PBS and it was love at first sight. Basically the perfect movie.
  2. 2.
    People who say that this movie is cliche seem not to understand that this movie INVENTED THE CLICHES. Humphrey Bogart is perfect and is there a more beautiful woman than Ingrid Bergman? I doubt it. And the screenplay! Oh, man, this beautiful screenplay.
  3. 3.
    Disney's Beauty and the Beast
    So when I was a kid I got the soundtrack to this movie and I spent months walking around with my Easter basket pretend I was Belle in her first scene. Belle is the best. She fiercely fights for the people she loves, she refuses to take any BS from anyone - the Beast or Gaston, she's kind, and she loves books. The music and animation in this movie are so beautiful and I think it's the best film Disney has ever made.
  4. 4.
    Die Hard
    The perfect action movie. Alan Rickman's Hans Gruber is the best cinematic bad guy of all time. This movie constantly delights me and I never get tired of it.
  5. 5.
    Empire Strikes Back
    When I was a kid, Return of the Jedi was my favorite. But as I got older I came to appreciate Empire so much more. A large part is the Han/Leia relationship (The banter! The kissing! That epic goodbye!) but also this movie introduces Yoda, features one of the biggest movie twists of all time (NOOOOOOO!!!), and the Battle of Hoth is pretty epic.
  6. 6.
    I love this movie. It came out while I was in high school and I was immediately obsessed. I still know the big speech when he reveals himself to Joaquin Phoenix by heart. (And while I don't find Russell Crowe attractive normally, in this movie I think he is hot like fire.)
  7. 7.
    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, Raiders is the better movie. But Last Crusade is so gosh darn FUN. Harrison Ford and Sean Connery's chemistry is delightful. (Also, when I asked my boyfriend why he named his dog Henry he replied, "they named the dog Indiana!" and I basically fell in love right then.)
  8. 8.
    Dirty Dancing
    How many times have I seen this movie? Six hundred? Who knows. I have the Kellerman song from the end memorized, you guys. This movie is the best.
  9. 9.
    Mean Girls
    Endlessly quotable and relatable and rewatchable.
  10. 10.
    The Untouchables
    It came down to LA Confidential and The Untouchables vying for this spot, but ultimately the edge went to The Untouchables - partially because of the impact it had on me the first time I saw it. I remember my dad and I watching it, and then me rushing into school the next day to ask my history teacher if he'd ever seen it. (He had, obviously.) I remember saying, "It might be the best movie I've ever seen!" Which isn't true but I do like it a lot. And that fabulous, wonderful score!