Because the series is coming to an end, and Yorkshire's most eligible bachelorette deserves to be happy.
  1. Matthew Crawley
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    The one and only. RIP. *SPOILER ALERT* Died in a car accident, which will bring a conflict between Mary and this next gentleman:
  2. Henry Talbot
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    "He's nice, mad about you, and likes cars. I rest my case." -Tom Branson, brother-in-law and former chauffeur.
  3. Evelyn Napier
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    Poor guy was overlooked so many times. Gravest mistake: bringing Mr. Pamuk to downton with him in season 1.
  4. Charles Blake
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    Probably the smartest guy other than Matthew. Why she chose Gillingham over Blake is still one of the greatest mystery to me.
  5. Anthony Foyle aka Lord Gillingham
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    Something was just off with him and minus point for having Mr. Green as his valet.
  6. Kemal Pamuk
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    Hell no. He dropped dead on her bed.
  7. Sir Richard Carlisle
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    Too controlling. And he was a rebound anyway.