I am a nerd who has accepted my benevolent Star Wars overlord.
  1. Bought tickets for opening night
  2. Bought a second set of tickets so I can see it twice in opening weekend
  3. Re-read AFTERMATH
  4. Read LOST STARS
  5. Read TARKIN
  7. Read countless trailer breakdowns
  8. Started listening to the STAR WARS MINUTE podcast
  9. Rewatched the prequels
  10. Rewatched the original trilogy
  11. Purchased the Star Wars radio dramas
  12. Made plans to celebrate Wookiee Life Day by watching the Star Wars Holiday Special
  13. Been creeped out by my Chewbacca Furby, Furbacca
  14. Pitted Furbacca against BB-8
  15. Looked at lightsabers so I can cosplay as Luke
  16. Watched the Clone Wars movie
  17. Started watching the Clone Wars TV show
  18. Watched Star Wars Rebels
  19. Preordered Star Wars Battlefront
  20. Renamed my Neko Atsume cats with Star Wars names
  21. Changed my text notification sound to Chewbacca roaring