The heroes of the X-Men universe.

Ranking the heroes of Fox' XU. Not everyone gets a blurb and Deadpool is not a hero. Even in his solo outing, he's only out to help himself.
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    James Howlett, Weapon X, The Wolverine, Logan
    Who else could it have been? For better or worse, Bryan Singer and Fox made the entire universe revolve around The Wolverine. Although, one of my least favorite comic books characters I've always loved Jackman's performance.
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    The speedster son of baddest, empathic, and most tenured villain in the history of comic book movies. With a little musical assistance and two small, but show stopping performances, Quicksilver was able to run and dance his way into fans' hearts.
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    Professor Xavier
    Although I Sir Patrick Stewart put on a great performance in the original X-Men trilogy it's His performance in Logan, as well as both he and McAvoy's performance in Days of Future Past that earn Professor X a spot so high. From Xavier's downward spiral in DoFP, which featured his emotional conversation with future Xavier, to his heartbreaking ending in Logan.
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    A young Erik helped recruit the First Class and found the X-Men. Often a villain to the X-Men, Magneto is on the opposite side of the coin with his old friend, Professor Xavier. Eriks views on the world were shaped at a young age when his family was taken from him during his time at an interment camp during WWII. His mother saw him once more, shortly before being murdered in front of him by Sebastian Shaw. His own family was murdered after he was discovered to be working at a steel mill.
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    One of my favorite X-Men characters that unfortunately took a backseat due to Fox and Singers obsession of The Wolverine.
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    Only one movie under her belt with very few lines, but what an impact it was. The future of The Wolverine.
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    The Beast
    Great performances by Nicholas Hoult and Kelsey Grammer. Nick's Beast helped shape the First Class and fell for a young Mystique. He took care of Xavier during the 70s and later became a politician fighting for mutant rights. After spending time in the political world and the events of Days of Future Past, Grammers Beast became a teacher at Xavier's institute for gifted.
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    Another one of my favorite X-Men who just didn't get enough time. He went from student, to X-Men, to teacher. Btw BD+KP forever.
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    Kitty Pryde
    A great character and a great actress that lost out due to the obsession with Rogue and Wolverine. Kitty spent her first three years at school being played by three different actresses before they finally made Pryde played by Ellen Page a full fledged member and later teacher. It's unfortunate that her love story with Bobby was gifted to Rogue and her huge part in DoFP was given to Wolverine.BD+KP forever.
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    Nightcrawler captures your imagination and starts X2 off on a high note as he uses his Mutant powers to maneuver through the White House.
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    Im biased on this one. Gambit is my favorite X-Men and although the movie was terrible it was no fault of Taylor Kitsch as Gambits scenes were interesting and captured the eye with the vivid colors and card tricks. Hopefully Channing Tatum has better luck with the role.
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    An ally to the Wolverine during his time in Japan and one of the pleasant surprises of the film.
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    Cool powers but not a lot of scenes for Blink as well as the other X-Men of the future.
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    Cool powers but not a lot of scenes for Bishop as well as the other X-Men of the future.
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    Jean Grey
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    John Wraith
    At least Will.I.Am wasn't one of the worst parts of Origins.
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    Negasonic Teenage Warhead
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    I know people like J-Law, but I'm not a fan of her or her take on Mystique.
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    I don't remember much about this bland actor, his bland character, or his bland performance. Which is sad because his "coming out" should have been much more impactful.
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    They simply blew it with Rogue by changes everything about the backstory, making her unlikable, and casting Anna Paquin.