1. His name's Matt.
    He's not on List App. I invited him ages ago. But that's beside the point.
  2. I am not ashamed to say that we met on a My Chemical Romance fan forum.
    That's a lie, I'm pretty ashamed.
  3. I was 13, ok? Jeez.
  4. We became fast friends. But here's the problem: he's lives in MOTHERFUCKIN ENGLAND.
  5. I have never met him in person. But we've remained dear dear friends for all these years.
    FaceTime is a beautiful, beautiful thing.
  6. Here's another thing: I work for a travel company now.
    Any thoughts where this might be going?
  7. Today I found out they're sending me to Amsterdam, Paris and London in the spring!
  9. PARIS
  10. AND
  11. LONDON
  12. Guess who I get to spend an entire day with!!!
  13. I could scream I'm so happy!
  14. But I won't.