Inspired by @DG. I haven't been to that many states.
  1. Connecticut
    My grandma and grandpa used to live in a big red house next to a lake. It was beautiful. My grandma had a basket filled with fake eggs (don't ask me why) and I was totally obsessed them. I'd sit on the floor and roll them around all day long.
  2. Florida
    My mom and I had the best, creamiest ice cream in the entire world on Treasure Island.
  3. Illinois
    Walked through O'Hare for .5 seconds on a layover ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Maine
    Went to the Ebb Tide diner in Boothbay Harbor with my family, and laughed about how awful it was afterwards. It's a family inside joke to this day.
  5. Massachusetts
    Almost ever memory I have is from here because I've lived here my whole life! One of my favorites is riding my bike with my best friend, Tess, down a huge hill in our neighborhood and pretending we were on a roller coaster. Afterwards we'd have a picnic dinner with our families on Plum Island. Another is this bad ass estate sale at a mansion in Lynn I went to with my mom a few months ago. The whole place had been untouched since the 70s.
  6. New Hampshire
    @ErinFlaherty and I once played a game with @sarahtrue where we made her drive us to Walmart. We wouldn't tell her where we were going, but we'd give her step by step directions along the way. Pulling into the parking lot, she said, "seriously guys, where are we going?"
  7. New Jersey
    I drove all night long with my dad, exhausted, dreading sleeping at our cousins' house (they're loud and weird.) We decided to stop at a Comfort Inn a mile away from their house and it was the best sleep I've ever had.
  8. New York
    I got stranded on Ellis Island with 3 other people on our 8th grade trip because the ferry going to Liberty Island (with the rest of my class on board) was full. My whole 8th grade career can be summed up pretty nicely by this moment.
  9. Pennsylvania
    My first ever time on an airplane was to Philadelphia. I threw up
  10. Rhode Island
    I went to Block Island with some friends one summer. We rode bikes all around the island and then painted the famous "painted rock."
  11. Tennessee
    I bought my dad a guitar mug during a layover in Nashville. Do these layovers count? No? I'm counting them anyway.
  12. Vermont
    I used to go to Vermont all the time when I was little, but don't remember any of it. My only memories from here are on my way to and from Montréal to see @dylan. It's always 4 am and it's terrible.
  13. California
    Held an impromptu Oscars viewing party in a Santa Monica airbnb, complete with a tissue paper red carpet, $60 worth of balloons & fake Oscars made out of bud light lime bottles. Gave them out to my friends based on inside jokes from the trip. Drank whenever Meryl Streep was on screen. @sebastian and @jayb were there.