@ChrisK this drunk list is for you!
  1. Oh god ok
  2. Here we go
  3. I cleaned a table on @dylan's porch today
  4. And so afterwards we drew on it with sharpie
  5. Here's a few things from IT
  6. Hey
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  7. Punk chicken
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    Dylan drew the chicken but I did the lettering
  8. Kanye 2020
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  9. Kanye 2020 pt 2
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  10. A couple of Dylan's nicknames
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  11. A real quote
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  12. Pizza
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  13. My name
    2e255029 0953 452b aaaa 2e3870d2bdb4
  14. Dylan
    3da6db36 0366 4567 9afc 2a2aa05c5f26
  15. I wuz there
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  16. The end
  17. Unrelated: today I got to silly string him in return for helping him put up curtains
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  18. Unrelated: went to Target today
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