She is amazing and I've learned so much from her. Here were her final words as my employer today.
  1. Keep checking in with your art directors about feedback and next steps.
  2. Keep being your funny, bold, talented self.
  3. Keep building management skills: take notes, make to-do lists, manage your time and projects. Those are huge assets to yourself and any company.
  4. Stay alert and listen at meetings.
  5. Keep pushing yourself, say yes.
  6. Learn as much as you can from every project. Even the most boring production work has merit and opportunities to learn.
  7. Eat before you get to work. Not when you get to work. Show up ready to get to it. If you need time to get settled, be early.
    I brought breakfast in the form of a Dunkin Donuts bagel to work every morning. Whoops.
  8. Avoid texting at your desk.
    I think she confused texting with listing. But again, whoops.
  9. Go get 'em.