I've never been to LA, but I bet these would be the best restaurants.
  1. Q
    I honestly don't like Japanese food that much but this restaurant's name is "Q" and you can't expect me to ignore how minimal and cool that is.
  2. Ruen Pair
    This place looks like it would satisfy my obsession with Thai food and also my obsession with deciding I'm hungry really late at night.
  3. Guisados
    Tacos..................... tacos.
  4. The Water Grill
    I like seafood and elegance and it looks like this place has both. Also, really into the name. Simple and straight to the point, kind of like "The List App."
  5. In-N-Out
    I don't know if you guys have ever heard of this place but apparently it's "~ok~" lol lol