I know it came out a year ago, but I just saw this last night for the first time. Here are my thoughts and take-aways in the form of disorganized word vomit.
  1. It wasn't a comedy show. It was performance art.
  2. Also, art is hard. It's really hard.
  3. Making art you like is hard, and pleasing others with art you've made that you actually like sometimes seems impossible.
  4. So like, what does it mean to be an entertainer? Is it that you're making art for the rest of the world? Is it that you're making art for yourself?
  5. Or is it finding the balance between putting something you believe in out into the world, and seeking a receptive audience?
  6. This idea that someone could make you laugh for an hour and then make you feel guilty for laughing, really fucked with me.
  7. I kept thinking, "how did this guy, who 2 minutes ago made a dick joke, get me to question everything I've ever known about art and happiness?"
  8. He was able to do it because he established himself as an entertainer in my mind a long time ago, to the point where I expect to laugh, and feel like he "owes" me something.
  9. And he feels like he does, too. And that's what the whole show was about.
  10. Did anything on this list make sense? I have legitimately been thinking about this shit for the last 14 hours straight.
  11. Anyway, everyone has things to be happy about and things to be unhappy about, and just because you are one does not mean you are not the other. I haven't figured out yet how this directly connects but I'll noodle on it.