Aka my Secret Santa gifts came!!!!!!!
  1. I just got home after not being in Boston for a week and: Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
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    Seriously what great thing did I do in this life to deserve two packages??? This is a dream come true
  3. First: the card!
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    Super cute and my favorite color combination as an added bonus!
  4. Next up... an adorable weekly planner!!
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    I basically make to-do lists for everything in my life and so this is absolutely perfect for me! I can't wait to put it to use!
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    This........ this beautiful object that I am not worthy of
  6. It's........ a pencil holder
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    I am a lucky woman
  7. New package, new me.
    I move onto the next package with the knowledge that no gift could ever be as good as a chicken pencil holder. But I will soon learn that I could not be more wrong.
  8. An array of gifts! A pu pu platter if you will.
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  9. First, a tiny little pack of gum that gives me compliments!!!
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    I won't change, gum. I won't change.
  10. Then a bunch of dope post cards!
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    Postcards are an awesome inexpensive alternative to art prints so I actually have quite a few, and I'm pumped to add these to my collection!
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    I'm pretty sure I sighed deeply out of happiness when I saw this.
  12. There's still more. This Secret Santa knows what's up.
  13. Christmas earrings!!!
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    Christmas may be over but that does not mean I won't be wearing these 24/7.
  14. Last but not least: EAR. MUFFS.
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    Today's weather was the first sign of a real Boston winter on its way, which means freezing cold and tons of snow. These will come in VERY handy.
  15. Now I have chocolate AND ear muffs.
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  16. Secret Santa, I don't know who you are, but you have made me an extremely happy human. (If you see this, leave a comment!!)
    And the fact that it came after Christmas is even better. Because I never want Christmas to end.