I've made it my weird mission of the month to find out the answer to this question from as many Bachelorette guys as possible. Here are the results so far.
  1. Brady: "No, I don't think so. I mean actually, technically yes."
  2. Iggy: "What???? No"
  3. Lucas Whaboom: "Who does?"
  4. Anthony: "A controversial question...they're in the same family of meat between bread. The major difference comes from the cylindrical rather than flat shape of the protein and the bread being a single piece with one opening rather than two separate pieces on the top and bottom. This difference in shape affects both the way the food is held and..."
    ...eaten although there are some who do eat a hot do as if it is a sandwich but that is the exception. I would use the analogy: a square is a rhombus but a rhombus isn't a square."
  5. Diggy: "Nah"
  6. Blake: "Huh?"
  7. Jack: "Very good question. I think a hotdog is in its own category. A sandwich must be separated by two or more separate pieces of bread. But a hotdog bun is connected. Of course, researchers are still unsure about this."
  8. Lee: "Nah, but they both sound exceptionally unappetizing.🌹🌹"
  9. Eric: "Duh lol"