1. Pickles are disgusting
  2. Amy Schumer isn't that funny
  3. Buzzfeed needs to calm down
  4. Modern Family has its moments
  5. The Notebook is a timeless film
  6. Selfies are lovely
  7. Channing Tatum is weird looking
  8. PB2 is gross and not worth avoiding the calories of real peanut butter
  9. The Freedom Trail is boring
  10. A salad can not possibly be "delicious"
  11. '90s themed parties are no longer clever
  12. "Thin crust" pizza just means less pizza
  13. You're not better than anyone because you choose to take the stairs over the elevator
  14. Vape tricks aren't cool
  15. No I don't want to "just order a bunch of appetizers for the table and share" I want my own entrée god dammit
  16. A slice of cake is better than a cupcake
  17. Generic grocery store cake is miles better than fancy bakery cake
  18. Camping is the literal worst and you couldn't pay me to do it
  19. I love that every day I'm becoming more like my mom. My mom is amazing.
  20. The alternate ending of "Get Out" 100% should have been the real ending
  21. Disney princesses are creepy
  22. You and I will never get along if you think that Hillary was "just as bad as Trump"
  23. A hot dog is a sandwich
  24. Summer is the worst and I can't wait for it to be over
  25. If you run into me on the T you have my full permission to pretend you don't see me.
  26. It's a good thing oversized comfortable graphic tee's are fashionable right now because that's literally all I've been wearing since I can remember
  27. I only ever make cookies so that I can eat the dough. Once they're in the oven I don't even want them anymore.