Inspired by @emmalou
  1. My mom and my dad are both talented photographers.
  2. When my mom graduated from MassArt (same as me!) she started working at a photo lab in Boston.
  3. My dad worked there, too!
  4. They became really good friends, but my dad was in a band and my mom didn't think she was cool enough for him.
  5. The thing is, my mom is the coolest person in the entire world. And my dad knew that.
  6. So they started dating! Yay!
  7. But one day, my dad went into my mom's bedroom to find a framed photo of Mel Gibson on her dresser.
  8. Kinda like how @sebastian has a framed photo of Ryan Gosling. And how John Stamos is both of my desktop backgrounds. Ya know, fangirly things.
  9. Anyway, my dad was apparently not amused.
  10. He wrote my mom a long, angry, jealous note. He was very threatened by Mel Gibson.
  11. My mom was like, are u KIDDIN me???? And broke up with him.
  12. My dad was so distraught. He couldn't believe he had screwed up so bad. Over a photo of Mel Gibson.
  13. Months later, my dad was playing a concert. Keep in mind that skate grunge was not exactly my mom's favorite genre of music.
  14. But there she was, front row, for my dad.
  15. After the show, he promised he'd change if she took him back.
  16. And she did!
  17. And now they're married! And I exist!
  18. Here they are (with baby me because neither of them will let me take their photo nowadays.)
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  19. I love em to death. 💕