Brace yourselves.
  1. Let's preface this a little.
  2. When I was a young babe, I had a stuffed elephant named B.E.
    That stands for Baby Elephant.
  3. I had many stuffed animals, but B.E. was definitely in the top tier.
  4. When I moved to Boston, I brought one stuffed animal with me. His name is Snap. He's a bear.
    He's a fine fellow.
  5. While I was in Europe this past week, I got a phone call from my dad. It went a little like this:
  6. Dad: "Um, listen, I was in your room, and I found B.E. on the floor. I don't want to get in the middle of anything, but he seems pretty pissed."
  7. Me: "Haha good one dad"
  8. Dad: "What's that? Oh, B.E. wants you to know that he thinks he should have gone to Boston with you over Snap."
  9. Me: "Haha good one dad"
  10. Flash forward to today.
  11. I got an e-mail at work telling me I had a package ready for pick up.
    Since I had just been away for 2 weeks and definitely didn't order anything online, I was confused. Confused and excited.
  12. I brought the package upstairs and opened it. I immediately burst out laughing.
  13. Inside was the man himself, B.E.
  14. Along with him came an angry note, and a text from my dad asking if I had gotten any packages today.
  15. Dads, there's no reason to try anymore.
  16. The ultimate dad joke has been played.
  17. And mine has been crowned king.