Requested by Erin

I leave for Europe tomorrow! Here's what I'm excited for:

Thx roomie
  2. Canal cruise!!!
    What the fuck obviously
  3. Beer!!!
  4. Rad design!!!
    Amsterdam is a huge design hub and I'm gonna soak in all the cool hip design knowledge there is
  5. Space cakes!!!
  6. PARIS!!!!
  7. The Eiffel Tower at night!!!
    Also, the Eiffel Tower during the day!!!
  8. Macaroons!!!!
    So many colors!!
  9. Versailles!!!!
    It's move-in day, sorry Marie
  10. Getting drunk on French wine and stumbling down the streets by myself!!!
    If this doesn't happen then the trip has been a complete failure
  11. LONDON!!!
  12. Abbey Road!!!!
    Just pretend I'm Paul
  13. Pub crawlin!!!!
    I see your pub crawl and raise you one blacked out Sky, London!
  14. Oxford!!!!
    Too pretty to be real
  15. Seeing my friend Matt!!!!!
    Hello Matt!!!!!!!! That's Matt