LA Art Book Fair Haul

I went to the LA Art Book Fair last weekend and I probably could have died happy
  1. Lazy Mom postcards!!!
    Lazy Mom is one of my favorite instagrams, who simultaneously makes me feel inspired and nauseous
  2. Bingo board with mysterious prize
    I didn't get the prize, though all I needed was "Thrasher t-shirt"
  3. Hollymood shirt
    They even tried to convince me that they had actually flipped the W in real life (accompanied by a very convincing video that I was not gullible enough to believe whatsoever ((except I was)))
  4. Free matching poster!
  5. A bunch of cool new biznass cards for my collection
    By the way, I collect business cards, so send me yours please!!!
  6. Weed jokes
    My favorite one not pictured
  7. Throw bread on me patch
    I gave it to @sebastian though
  8. Cool Lazy Mom lenticular that turns into...
  9. This!
  10. And a tote bag to carry it all around in
    I'll be back next year for sure.