Let Me Take You Through the April Fools Joke My Brother Just Pulled Off in Less Than 10 Minutes

  1. So I'm upstairs brushing my teeth, and my little brother comes in and says "good luck down there." Then leaves.
  2. I come downstairs to find 2 French toast sticks in place of my shoes
  3. Underneath the French toast sticks are clues to help me find my real shoes. All in the form of quotes from The Office.
  4. The first one is obviously in my coat.
  5. The second one may be trickier to find than I thought.
  6. This one took me a while. Then I remembered Bob Vance from Vance Refrigeration.
  7. But it's not in the fridge!!!
  8. Oh wait
  10. Thank god I don't have to walk around wearing 2 French toast sticks today