1. When my brother blasts the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack in the car
  2. Looking through all the new cool antiques my mom bought at estate sales and flea markets since the last time I was home
  3. My dad coming into the living room while my mom and I are binging a TV show to say "come and get it!" when dinner is ready
  4. The muffled sound of my dad playing guitar in his home office
  5. When my brother reenacts every Bluth family member's chicken impression from Arrested Development
  6. Going to Market Basket and picking out a "special treat" with my mom
  7. Cooking Mama for Wii
  8. My parents listening to Flood by They Might Be Giants while they clean the house
  9. Beach picnics with my mom
  10. Going to Village Pancake House with my mom and ordering extra whipped cream for my pancakes