1. turd_ball
    The worst person alive was my first ever serious boyfriend. Like, no need to keep searching. He is the definition of human garbage.
  2. XxGelato_GodxX
    Met while drunk. I'm thinking, like, this is a Greek God probably. A year later, we work at the same gelato shop.
  3. DJ_duckyX69
    DJ'd lame parties sophomore year of college. Got real cocky about it. Literally went by the name "DJ Ducky." Sends me the occasional invite to a terrible looking live event in Boston.
  4. yellowcardigan93_
    Bad times. Fuzzy memories. I think I was wearing a yellow cardigan.
  5. dont_b0ther_Ang3L
    Met at a party and screamed along to "Cute Without the 'e'" by Taking Back Sunday together.
    Just a really bad decision.
  7. rAD44xxxxxx
    The definition of the term "surfer dude." Smelled like sunscreen and saltwater. Left at 5 AM to catch some waves.
  8. fartedXinXtheXcar
    Self explanatory.
  9. H0T_P0CK3TS
    Only ate hot pockets. HE ONLY ATE HOT POCKETS