And by Erin I mean @ErinFlaherty
  1. Snapchat Erin
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  2. Fangirl Erin
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    With the bassist from our old favorite band
  3. Natural State Erin
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    She wears this mask around the apartment casually
  4. Misunderstood Artist Erin
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  5. Weird Elbow Erin
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  6. Erin (After Hours)
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  7. Home Alone 2 Erin
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    Her exact words were "I feel like the lady from Home Alone 2"
  8. Smiley Erin
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  9. Chipmunk Erin
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  10. Martini Monster Erin
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    The caption of this photo on Facebook from 2007 is "Martini Monster"
  11. Smelling A Fart Erin
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  12. Goth Erin
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  13. Pillows Erin
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  14. Trying To Walk In Heels Erin
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  15. Twitch Erin
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  16. Obnoxious Erin
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    She used to steal my homework supplies and run around the apartment with it
  17. Boots Erin
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  18. Favorite Restaurant Erin
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    True story, Erin's favorite restaurant is "Cheers!" in Boston. Look how happy she is!
  19. Chicken Feet Erin
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  20. Nature Erin
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    She is literally eating a sunflower petal
  21. Dolphin Erin
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