And by Erin I mean @ErinFlaherty
  1. Snapchat Erin
  2. Fangirl Erin
    With the bassist from our old favorite band
  3. Natural State Erin
    She wears this mask around the apartment casually
  4. Misunderstood Artist Erin
  5. Weird Elbow Erin
  6. Erin (After Hours)
  7. Home Alone 2 Erin
    Her exact words were "I feel like the lady from Home Alone 2"
  8. Smiley Erin
  9. Chipmunk Erin
  10. Martini Monster Erin
    The caption of this photo on Facebook from 2007 is "Martini Monster"
  11. Smelling A Fart Erin
  12. Goth Erin
  13. Pillows Erin
  14. Trying To Walk In Heels Erin
  15. Twitch Erin
  16. Obnoxious Erin
    She used to steal my homework supplies and run around the apartment with it
  17. Boots Erin
  18. Favorite Restaurant Erin
    True story, Erin's favorite restaurant is "Cheers!" in Boston. Look how happy she is!
  19. Chicken Feet Erin
  20. Nature Erin
    She is literally eating a sunflower petal
  21. Dolphin Erin