Just cuz
  1. When he met all my friends he insisted on introducing himself as Cranston
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    And then I ruined it because I can't keep a straight face
  2. He's always in the mood to watch the same kind of movie as I am
    Most recently: a classic film with terrible special effects (The Blob)
  3. He puts up with me asking him what color everything is (because he's color blind and I think it's fascinating af)
    When we went to the new Boston Target for the first time I think I had a panic attack in the towel aisle when I realized it was all yellow to him
  4. We take jokes like.... REALLY far
    To the point where they're definitely not funny anymore which is why they're still funny
  5. He lets me draw on his furniture
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    Even when I am wasted
  6. We have the same favorite star????
    Alcor, the star just above the handle of the Big Dipper. How crazy is that honestly?
  7. He prematurely kicks me out of his apartment by saying "ok byeee!" and giving me a hug when I'm not ready to leave
    Or when we are leaving literally any place ever
  8. His turtle
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    His turtle is amazing