1. She is hilarious
    I don't think I've ever met anyone who can make me laugh louder and more often than Erin can. 99% of the times I've cried from laughter have been because of her.
  2. She listens
    Erin's the first person I turn to when I've had a bad day. She's the person I text at 2am when something's bugging me. She's the person I call when I'm walking home alone at night. She's the person I tell when I just ate the best ice cream of my life, or when the funniest thing happened at work.
  3. She's individualistic
    She knows me and the things I like/the things that make me laugh. I'm not saying I don't like getting gift cards as presents, but Erin would never get me a gift card as a present. It's either going to be something special that she knows I love, or something that will make me keel over in laugher (like the time she got me cat food for my 22nd birthday.)
  4. We have endless memories together
    Like the time we recorded an album's worth of songs about Mexican food for no reason. Or the time we stayed after school to work on a project but ended up printing out funny pictures of seagulls instead. Or the time she took my stuffed bear, ran outside with it and tossed it onto our neighbor's balcony. Or the time...
  5. She's a total badass
    She's not gonna take your shit!!!! So don't even try!!!! She don't want it!!!!
  6. I'm pretty sure we're soulmates
    I've yet to know anyone else who will laugh at this photo as much as the two of us.