Requested by Sally


Thanks @sally. This is a tough one because it's hard to narrow it down, but I'll try my hardest.
  1. His coat
    Double breasted and faux fur. I never thought I'd be taking fashion tips from a monkey yet here I am!!
  2. His size
    He's really little
  3. His love for Swedish meatballs
    I would have done the same thing!
  4. He's 7 months old
    I was once 7 months old
  5. His name is Darwin
    Like come on
  6. All the memes that surfaced, like this one
  7. And this one
  8. And this one
  9. The endless joy that this little fancy monkey has brought me through the tough times
    Watching that news segment automatically makes me 5x happier
  10. The fact that his shearling coat is "his favorite," implying that he has other, less beloved, tiny monkey winter coats
    Suggested by   @sally