I guess these made sense at some point?
  1. "Silent dragon"
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    Why is there a dragon? Where? Why are they silent? What did you do to them?
  2. "Yogurt chips"
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    This was probably going to be a grocery list or something but I never got around to finishing it. I don't even like yogurt chips.
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    First of all, that sounds horrible. Second of all, I have never been on a fruit and veggies diet so this was completely irrelevant.
  4. "DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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    This is a mess? 2:25 AM is right.
  5. "Tree with diamonds hanging off it"
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    Where is this tree I would like to see this tree
  6. "The best sandwich/The best bear"
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    Two of my favorite things but very different from one another.