I work for a badass travel company with an open floor plan. My desk is across the floor from the sales team, who are all ridiculous.
  1. "Yesh. ....Sorry I just said 'yesh.' I don't know why I said it like that."
    He went on about this for at least another minute before I mouthed "let it go" at him.
  2. "The deals are coming! The deals are coming!"
    Was left as a voicemail in the style of Paul Revere
  3. "It's not really that you were loud, it's just that you were.... yelling."
  4. "Are you a big Steve Irwin fan? The guy's a legend. It's unbelievable."
  5. "I'm contemporary Amish. I work on the phones but I'm calling you from a Dixie cup and a rubber band."
  6. "Save my number with a bunch of emojis next to it so you don't forget me."
  7. "Did we just become best friends?"
  8. "Basically, these old vaults were filled with disease and grime and disgustingness, so yeah, you gotta check those out."
  9. "Black Friday deals, WOOOOOO!"
  10. "Hey! So I just got off the phone with your grandma"
  11. "Uh oh, your mom's stalking me now."
  12. "I'm a guy, so I don't need a purse."
  13. "I don't want you to get too excited about this."
  14. "No, I'm not married."